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So Where's The Light Hearted Banter And Badinage?

Never happened, despite what it says on the About page. No doubt a combination of lack of inspiration, downright laziness, other demands on my time, and new interests. The new interests include working on Missing Maps tasks, and to be truthful, it is now the activity I spend most of my time on. In particular, I focus on tasks which have been requested by Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF), who "help people worldwide where the need is greatest, delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters or exclusion from healthcare". I do what I can to support them because they see people in need as just that, regardless of the labels such people might attach to themselves, or the labels other people might attach to them. Their charter spells it out succinctly.

I used to spend a fair amount of time farting around on Facebook, much of it spent posting links to Snopes, or similar places, in comments under the bullshit posts so many people seem compelled to share. I rarely look at Facebook these days in order to avoid that unpleasant feeling that I'm drowning in a rising tide of crap, but if you still frequent its pages you might like to take a look at the Missing Maps Facebook page, and Like it if you feel it deserves it. If you are a Twitter fan, they can be found via @theMissingMaps.

Time to get back to mapping Likasi, in Katanga Province of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Maybe I'll see you there, or on another project?




Dogies Versus Doggies

In chapter three of my latest book (A Maze In Greece) I included an imaginary person singing part of the theme song from the TV show Rawhide. If you are younger than sixty, or so, you probably won't recall it, but the series ran for several years, and it's biggest claim to fame could well be that one of the main characters was played by a certain Mr Clint Eastwood (in the days before his more famous activities on cinema screens). The song also featured in the film, "The Blues Brothers", and both versions can be seen below.

The part of the theme song featured in the book is the line, "Keep them dogies rollin', Rawhide!"

Despite the fact that my spellchecking software is totally unaware that the context of the book where I quoted that line is connected with dogs of the barking variety, it still flags my spelling as incorrect, as did my proof readers. However, the dogies in question are not of the (misspelt) barking variety, but rather the strays or motherless calves which form part of the large groups of cattle driven by cowboys from one part of the USA to another, the story of which was embodied in the Rawhide TV show. Dogies is pronounced like bogies.

 Except of course when it isn't.




Site Update

A couple of pages added, including one about my new book.

New Site Design

The old site (known as JessWorks) crashed and burned, and rather than try to fix it I took the opportunity to redesign the site using Nibbleblog, an excellent lightweight blogging framework which is also eminently 'hackable', in the sense that it can be customised via plugins and themes.

This is the only accessible content right now, but check back soon...